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Course Overview


The course will be aimed at new and identified junior managers and leaders. It will equip them with a range of knowledge and experiences to maximise their impact as future leaders.

Building on their existing skills and presentations delivered through the course they will be able to understand and develop their use of Digital skills in the workplace.

They will be expected to use Social Media during the course and will be helped to decide how or whether its use is appropriate for their work situation.

They will also gain an understanding of the Principles of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime, making them much more effective in the work place.


Learning Inputs:

An explanation of Cyber Security and a basic introduction to how access can be protected

An explanation of Cyber Crime. Current trends, techniques and current risk and threat

An explanation of Social Media its history, context and design. Explanation of Risk and Threat including the use of Social Media for Law Enforcement

A range of tactical and strategic exercises to test understanding and to build experience of managing in the Digital World

The development of a Personal Action Plan to help the participant bring the course into his or her workplace

A number of discussions about the ethical aspects of the Digital World to explore understanding, barriers and potential ethical conflicts

Learning Outcomes:

A far greater understanding of the Risks and Threats to organisations and individuals of failure in Digital Security

An understanding of current Risks and Threats to organsiations through Digital activity

A wider understanding of the implications for Law Enforcement of Social Media. The threats, experiences, benefits and dis-benefits of its use

Participants will be exposed to using a range of Social Media and will understand the implications and ethical framework in which it operates

Participants will have a much broader view of the Digital world through the knowledge and information shared, gain access to international Networks and will be much better equipped for leadership in a Digital World

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