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Bespoke Face to Face digital education for you and your organisation

If you are online.

If your company operates attached to the digital world.

If your people work remotely.

If you have anything connected to the Internet, and you manage people or things or both, this is for you.

The Digital Leader scheme is aimed at helping your leaders appreciate the main pillars of our interconnected world.


Cyber Labels

Cyber Security and your ability to operate.

Cyber Crime, trends, techniques, risk and threat.

Social Media, history, context and engaging your business.

Delivered at your premises.

Tailored to your needs.

Personally facilitated, effective and challenging events.

Delivered as two hour or whole day sessions.

Any new or even experienced managers and leaders have to operate within a Digital world.

Being equipped with the right skills to undertake operational roles can be enhanced with a clear understanding of Cybercrime Cybersecurity and Social Media and most importantly how these fit together.

The Digital Leaders course will build on existing skills and through presentations will help participants to understand and develop their use of Digital skills in the workplace.

Participants will be expected to use Social Media during the course and will be helped to decide how or whether its use is appropriate for their work situation.

They will also gain an understanding of the Principles of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime, making them much more effective in the work place.





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